A moment of bliss created by the harmony of music and fine sake


Soul, R&B, funk, and other emotional and soul-stirring music
They have melodies and lyrics that touch your heart.
The carefully selected music that flows in the store
Create an emotional connection with your guests.


2 minutes walk from Gotanda Station East Exit
Hidden soul bar

This is a soul bar in Shinagawa Ward.
The existence of Soul Music bar Ali-Ollie is the root of your soul.

We also have a variety of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and hard liquor.

Not only can you come in a group, but we also have female staff, so we welcome you to visit us alone.

Soul music, alcohol, and chatting.
Something special in the usual place.

Please use it as a second or third shot bar for everyday use.

Please enjoy your favorite drink and a relaxing time with the background music of soul music selected one by one on analog records.

Wide variety of whiskeys and cocktails. There is also a recommended cup.